Take Back Control Of Your Destiny With Debt Counselling

Millions of active consumers in South Africa are over indebted. The fear and humiliation that grips your heart each time your phone rings, or when you get a threatening email or letter from your creditors is enough to steal your quality of life. Debt counselling may be a viable solution to you if you are having a tough time with your creditors.

There are some great benefits that debt counselling offer you. You can take back control of your financial wellbeing and your life, and stop worrying about the relentless calls and harassment from your creditors. Consider this solution and start taking back control of your finances on your road to becoming debt free.

What Are The Advantages of Debt Counselling?

  • Here are only a few of the many advantages that you can look forward to when taking up debt counselling in South Africa:
  • You have legal rights, creditors can’t take action against you for sixty days once you have been placed under debt review;
  • You enjoy greater financial freedom, since you only make one consolidated payment each month;
  • Your car and home will likely not be repossessed; and
  • Sleep better knowing that you have taken action to get your life back.

In the past you had to pay different amounts to different creditors, each with their own interest rates. Now you can pay one payment to one place and save money by not having to pay smaller amounts to different companies where it will take far longer to get rid of the debt.