Debt counselling rescues you from your burden of owing money

Are you in debt and struggling to make monthly repayments? Well, we have just the thing for you. Here at Lifesaver Debt Solution, we offer debt counselling to assist over indebted consumers. We ensure that debt rescue is secured within your means and able to live life without the stresses of debt hanging over your head.

We ensure that you have affordable monthly instalments which leave you money for other expenses, while leaving you time to repay over a longer period. This is done in a few easy steps. The first is done by filling in an application form stating which credit providers you are with. We then assess where you stand and what debts you have to pay off. We ensure that your debt is not higher than your monthly expenses. If this is the case, we report this to your credit providers and inform them you are under debt review. We then structure a payment plan you can adhere to, which is manageable and done in an appropriate and timely manner. Attorneys will be informed of these plans and debt rescue is underway.

Throughout this process, we aim to make you feel supported and at ease. We are here to make you feel less overwhelmed about what debt you have hanging over your head. We have positioned ourselves in this space so that you can still afford the lifestyle you need while paying off the debt you have accumulated.