Debt Counselling and Financial Solutions: Find the path to financial security

When struggling with debt and during times of financial insecurity, anxiety and depression can easily seep into your consciousness. Debt can cause fights with loved ones and stop you from moving forward in your personal and professional life. It can be hugely debilitating. This is why it is vital to seek professional debt counselling to guide you on the path to financial security.

How to deal with the stress of debt
Before you even consider tackling your financial woes, you need to accept the fact that you are in debt and recognise that it has become an issue. Debt has the ability to sneak up on people, and builds up over time.

You may have recognised a small, manageable debt previously however it can quickly get out of control. Don’t be hard on yourself, once you can accept this, you can tackle the problem head on. Financial solutions and debt counselling is available to guide you through the process and lead you the financial freedom that you deserve.

Speak about it
Once you have acknowledged your debt situation, talk to your loved ones about the situation. You need support and you will need compassion through the process of debt recovery. Being in debt can cause enormous emotional damage and by keeping it to yourself, you are placing not only yourself, but your loved ones in a dangerous situation. Once you have opened up, it is time to seek advice from a professional debt counsellor. It is vital that you talk out your problems and place trust in a professional who can assist you.

Time to Take Action
You need to start dealing with your financial problems as soon as possible. Take the relevant steps to get on the path to financial security.

•Get in touch with a professional and experienced financial solutions organisation.
•Set up a meeting with a debt counsellor.
•Speak to your creditors and stop ignoring your bills.
•Go through the plan of action you need to take to find your feet again.
•Implement your strategy with your debt counsellor.
•Find your financial freedom.

Take Back Control Of Your Destiny With Debt Counselling

Millions of active consumers in South Africa are over indebted. The fear and humiliation that grips your heart each time your phone rings, or when you get a threatening email or letter from your creditors is enough to steal your quality of life. Debt counselling may be a viable solution to you if you are having a tough time with your creditors.

There are some great benefits that debt counselling offer you. You can take back control of your financial wellbeing and your life, and stop worrying about the relentless calls and harassment from your creditors. Consider this solution and start taking back control of your finances on your road to becoming debt free.

What Are The Advantages of Debt Counselling?

  • Here are only a few of the many advantages that you can look forward to when taking up debt counselling in South Africa:
  • You have legal rights, creditors can’t take action against you for sixty days once you have been placed under debt review;
  • You enjoy greater financial freedom, since you only make one consolidated payment each month;
  • Your car and home will likely not be repossessed; and
  • Sleep better knowing that you have taken action to get your life back.

In the past you had to pay different amounts to different creditors, each with their own interest rates. Now you can pay one payment to one place and save money by not having to pay smaller amounts to different companies where it will take far longer to get rid of the debt.

Protect your Assets Through Effective Asset Management Solutions

You have worked hard for your assets. Be it IT assets, company’s fleet or your private equity such as your home and belongings, your possessions should always be safe from the leverage of over-indebtedness. There is hardly anything as devastating as having your possessions repossessed, and having to start from scratch again. At Lifesaver Debt Solutions, we provide professional advice and expert asset management solutions to our valued customers.

Let us help you save your assets, and never have to deal with embarrassing phone calls from your creditors, while helping to keep some extra money in your pocket. Life is more than just about making bill payments – it is about living. Dealing with the stress of debt collectors and having all your income swallowed by the seemingly unending black hole of debt can rob one of a great quality of life.

Financial Freedom Is Just A Call Away
We are experts in debt counselling and asset management. When you approach us for assistance, we endeavour to help you in the following ways:

• You will only pay one affordable monthly instalment;
• You will have enough money left from your budget to cover your living expenses;
• Your instalment amounts are reduced; and
• Repayment periods get extended.

These are only a few of the many ways that Lifesaver Debt Solutions go the extra mile for each of our clients. To learn more about our company, and to find out how we can assist you with debt counselling and asset management, contact us today.

Begin a New Year with Great Financial Solutions

So, the festive season is over and now you need to return to your routine and start your monthly payments and plan and budget for the financial year ahead. Well, we can assist you with all your financial solutions.

Here at lifesaver debt solutions, we believe in leading a balanced lifestyle that is not weighted down by any kind of financial crisis you might get yourself into. Now is the time to get a good perspective of what money you and your partner are bringing in and what money is being spent per month. Are you living out of your means or living under the budget you have created? Focus on how much your expenses are and are you meeting the minimal requirements of debt each month to pay them off in installments. This is all essential to figuring out your financial solutions for the year.

If you are struggling with the burden of payments and not decreasing the amount of debt that is piling up, it is time to seek a consultant that can assist you with a plan to ease the pressure. This means you will give over all your financial details to one of our team members and explain which payments you are struggling with and how to make it easier for you to survive on a monthly basis. We ask you to trust us in making your life a little easier as our expert advice and guidance will drive you into a more settling lighter lifestyle.

End the year with great debt solutions

That debt you owe has been hanging over your head all year and you just haven’t had time to figure out a plan how to not let it overwhelm you. Well we at Lifesaver debt Solutions are just the people to speak to as we deal with debt solutions for all different kinds of contracts you have committed to.

As the festive season approaches, most of us don’t want to think about having without because we can’t afford to celebrate with family and friends, or in some cases, purchase gifts. Our first intention is to use extra money, bonuses or savings to start clearing debt, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

We give you the best deal with debt solutions. Concentrating on rescuing you from your debt status, we offer counselling that puts things into perspective and still lets you live the life you are living, but without the pressure of payments that keep adding up. Specialising in setting up a system that works for each individual, we ensure that each person’s repayments periods are extended, instalment amounts are reduced, pay one affordable monthly instalment and still have sufficient funds to live.

We look after you when you feel too overwhelmed to do so. So especially at this time of the year, maybe it’s time to pay us a visit, so we see what we can offer you going into the new year and balancing your debt so you relieve the pressure off of you and your family.

Debt consolidation can change your life

As a nation, South Africans are known for accruing huge amounts of debt. The Reserve Bank are constantly looking at ways to convince South Africans to save more money, to avoid financial disaster when times are tough.

Despite this, many South Africans find themselves in trouble with debt, owing too much money, to too many people.
Debt consolidation is often the only way out, but many people do not understand how this can change your life for the better.

Basically, debt consolidation is the act of taking out one big loan, to cover the costs of all other loans. This simplifies the re-payment process, allowing you to focus on repaying a single loan instead of many others that you might owe.

The biggest drawback of too much debt is that you could end up being blacklisted when you cannot pay the money back. This leads to a host of problems like not being able to buy anything on credit for a couple of years – even simple things like taking out a cellphone contract will not be possible as companies look at you with hawk-eyes before approving any credit.

The stress of having too much debt is immense and stress also has its own list of problems which include health issues, difficulty sleeping, depression and difficulties dealing with daily life and family matters.

If you are serious about improving and simplifying your debt situation before it is too late, you should consider debt consolidation right away.

Debt counselling rescues you from your burden of owing money

Are you in debt and struggling to make monthly repayments? Well, we have just the thing for you. Here at Lifesaver Debt Solution, we offer debt counselling to assist over indebted consumers. We ensure that debt rescue is secured within your means and able to live life without the stresses of debt hanging over your head.

We ensure that you have affordable monthly instalments which leave you money for other expenses, while leaving you time to repay over a longer period. This is done in a few easy steps. The first is done by filling in an application form stating which credit providers you are with. We then assess where you stand and what debts you have to pay off. We ensure that your debt is not higher than your monthly expenses. If this is the case, we report this to your credit providers and inform them you are under debt review. We then structure a payment plan you can adhere to, which is manageable and done in an appropriate and timely manner. Attorneys will be informed of these plans and debt rescue is underway.

Throughout this process, we aim to make you feel supported and at ease. We are here to make you feel less overwhelmed about what debt you have hanging over your head. We have positioned ourselves in this space so that you can still afford the lifestyle you need while paying off the debt you have accumulated.

How Debt Affects Your Life

Debt is an unavoidable concept for many people. When used as a benefit, it can be a powerful vehicle to increase your quality of life. However, many South Africans are drowning in their debt, and it is affecting the quality of life of millions in a negative way. Instead of being a benefit, debt has become a source of angst and stress for millions of families.

Professional debt counselling is available to help you deal with the effects of debt on your life. It is a helpful reprieve for millions of consumers who find that they are no longer able to keep up with the repayments of their debt and now have to deal with the stress associated with that.

Here are a few ways that debt can affect your life positively:

• It can offer you access to a vehicle;
• It can set you on a path to owning property;
• It can help you afford varsity for your child; and
• It can help you furnish your home.

Here are a few ways debt can affect your life negatively:

• It can cause sleepless nights;
• It can cause animosity and fights in the home;
• It can drain your finances and absorb all your expendable income; and
• It can rob you of your quality of life.

Choose Lifesaver Debt Solutions for Professional Debt Counselling Solutions

There is no need to be embarrassed about struggling with your debt. Don’t suffer through any more sleepless nights. Let us help you save your assets and stop those embarrassing phone calls from creditors. Contact Lifesaver Debt Solutions for professional and compassionate assistance with debt counselling for your family.

Pressing Questions about Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling can be the very thing that saves you from losing your most prized possessions, like your car or house due to failure to repay your debts. Too many times people do not apply for debt counselling because they do not understand what it is and the full scale of the benefits that one can enjoy from this service. Here are some of those questions that people have asked us concerning the debt counselling process.

Can you incur more debt whilst under debt counselling?
No. You are not allowed to apply for further credit when you are already under debt counselling. This means that you will also not be able to use your retail accounts and credit cards or any kind of debt. Should you attempt to apply for more debt while under this process, your application is going to be unsuccessful.

Are you allowed to choose which one of your accounts you would like to exclude from this process?
If you got summons from a particular account before signing the form, the creditor can ask to not be included in the debt counselling process. In such a case, you are going to have to make your own arrangements with that particular creditor to repay the debt.
In the case that you have already referred your summons to your attorney, do let them know that you are under debt counselling.

Are you allowed to default on payments because you cannot afford to pay them back?
Absolutely not. Even though it is understood that you are struggling to make payments that is why you are under debt counselling in the first place. We recommend that you rather take a reduced interim payments to the companies that you owe. This will show them that you are indeed serious about settling your debts.

For more answers to your debt counselling questions, contact us today!

Seek Financial Counselling Early in Life

Financial Advice at the Right Time Saves Problems

Although receiving financial advice is welcomed at any time during life, actively encouraging it early in life is essential. When debt has already nearly crippled you, it is too late to be pro-active. Financial crises occur periodically in the macro society in which we live, such as the recession in 2008 and 2009, but it also happens individually when consumers spend far more than they earn and then let debt get out of control. Once you enter this maelstrom, it is well-nigh impossible to swim out of it.

However, even at this late stage, financial advice from a reputable debt counselling firm is not only advisable- it is absolutely essential. This action could actually be a lifesaving decision and could be a turning point in your personal mishandling of your money. Breaking bad spending habits is difficult alone and usually needs formal intervention to reverse the negativity.

Financial advice in this situation includes discussing means of clearing the existing debt, consolidating different aspects of said debt and counselling on the process moving forward of how to avoid similar situations in future. How to resist the temptation to spend, spend, spend is probably the hardest thing for an indebted person to do. It is a habit that catches on easily and then grips like a high powered drug. In fact, spending is as addictive as any drug especially for people who suffer from depression and loneliness.

This may well be true, but the euphoria of shopping is short lived and the objects bought are either not worn or used at all and are deposited in a wardrobe or closet somewhere or they are given away. The sad truth is though, that some people embroil themselves in debt merely to keep ends meeting and to keep eating. This is the ugly truth of an embattled economy and rife unemployment.