How Debt Affects Your Life

Debt is an unavoidable concept for many people. When used as a benefit, it can be a powerful vehicle to increase your quality of life. However, many South Africans are drowning in their debt, and it is affecting the quality of life of millions in a negative way. Instead of being a benefit, debt has become a source of angst and stress for millions of families.

Professional debt counselling is available to help you deal with the effects of debt on your life. It is a helpful reprieve for millions of consumers who find that they are no longer able to keep up with the repayments of their debt and now have to deal with the stress associated with that.

Here are a few ways that debt can affect your life positively:

• It can offer you access to a vehicle;
• It can set you on a path to owning property;
• It can help you afford varsity for your child; and
• It can help you furnish your home.

Here are a few ways debt can affect your life negatively:

• It can cause sleepless nights;
• It can cause animosity and fights in the home;
• It can drain your finances and absorb all your expendable income; and
• It can rob you of your quality of life.

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