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Debt Counselling and Financial Solutions: Find the path to financial security

When struggling with debt and during times of financial insecurity, anxiety and depression can easily seep into your consciousness. Debt can cause fights with loved ones and stop you from moving forward in your personal and professional life. It can

Take Back Control Of Your Destiny With Debt Counselling

Millions of active consumers in South Africa are over indebted. The fear and humiliation that grips your heart each time your phone rings, or when you get a threatening email or letter from your creditors is enough to steal your

Protect your Assets Through Effective Asset Management Solutions

You have worked hard for your assets. Be it IT assets, company’s fleet or your private equity such as your home and belongings, your possessions should always be safe from the leverage of over-indebtedness. There is hardly anything as devastating

Begin a New Year with Great Financial Solutions

So, the festive season is over and now you need to return to your routine and start your monthly payments and plan and budget for the financial year ahead. Well, we can assist you with all your financial solutions. Here

End the year with great debt solutions

That debt you owe has been hanging over your head all year and you just haven’t had time to figure out a plan how to not let it overwhelm you. Well we at Lifesaver debt Solutions are just the people

Debt consolidation can change your life

As a nation, South Africans are known for accruing huge amounts of debt. The Reserve Bank are constantly looking at ways to convince South Africans to save more money, to avoid financial disaster when times are tough. Despite this, many

Debt counselling rescues you from your burden of owing money

Are you in debt and struggling to make monthly repayments? Well, we have just the thing for you. Here at Lifesaver Debt Solution, we offer debt counselling to assist over indebted consumers. We ensure that debt rescue is secured within

How Debt Affects Your Life

Debt is an unavoidable concept for many people. When used as a benefit, it can be a powerful vehicle to increase your quality of life. However, many South Africans are drowning in their debt, and it is affecting the quality

Pressing Questions about Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling can be the very thing that saves you from losing your most prized possessions, like your car or house due to failure to repay your debts. Too many times people do not apply for debt counselling because they

Seek Financial Counselling Early in Life

Financial Advice at the Right Time Saves Problems Although receiving financial advice is welcomed at any time during life, actively encouraging it early in life is essential. When debt has already nearly crippled you, it is too late to be